The Battle Buddy Project - Chris Couture Photography
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As part of my continued Post Traumatic Stress Awareness project, I had the opportunity to visit with this Viet Nam Veteran yesterday morning. We swapped stories of our respective deployments, boot camp experiences, and our mutual genuine disdain of snakes.

We also spoke in length about Post Traumatic Stress and the treatment of the symptoms. Which at this point in time is a cocktail of various medications. This image is an attempt to illustrate that, as well as the frustration our combat veterans battling Post Traumatic Stress may feel.

As a veteran myself, my heart aches for our combat soldiers afflicted with Post Traumatic Stress. So as a photographer I find myself compelled to use my God given talent to help these brave men and women.

With that being said, I can not do it alone & neither should they. So I am searching for combat veterans (of all ages) that reside in Arizona and are willing to be photographed. Regardless of branch affiliation, age, or gender I'd be honored to listen to your story and God willing be your voice.

Should you be (or know of) a combat veteran that may be dealing with Post Traumatic Stress and is interested in this project please have them contact me via PM or email at