The Battle Buddy Project - Chris Couture Photography
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"Finger On The Trigger"

Although this image may be disturbing, unfortunately it is a true story for 22 American veterans every single day. That's right, on average 22 U.S. Veterans die by suicide every single day!!!

Although the war may be over for a veteran when he/she returns home, the battle is never ending. PTSD, survivor's guilt, & the VA's inability to successfully treat our nation's finest is killing our vets.

I have had this image in mind ever since my good friend & fellow veteran nominated me for the 22 day challenge. Although I failed to meet that challenge, it was simply because I felt that maybe, just maybe I could create even more awareness using my God given talent.

A very special thank you to my good friend Ted Quinn who answered the call to help me get this image done.

To my veteran friends and family, I am only a phone call, text message or Facebook direct message away. Should you find yourself with a finger on the trigger please call someone.....anyone.