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Jason Eady

Recently I was blessed with the opportunity to photograph one of my favorite artists. Although I am a relatively new fan of Jason Eady; I have heard that you can learn all you need to know about a songwriter by simply listening to their songs. I believe this is especially true of this gifted singer/songwriter from Jackson Mississippi.

The first song I purchased of Eady’s was “This Old Guitar & Me”. Right then and there I learned that I had been missing out. Although I did not purchase Eady’s entire catalog right then and there (I let that one song simmer a bit), I learned right away that this guy is real country.

Gradually I began to acquire more and more of Jason Eady’s music. The moment this year’s self-titled release hit the shelves, I was all over it. This is when I truly began learning about the songsmith that is Jason Eady.
Geographically, I have learned simple things like why he left Atlanta, he’d rather not go back to Jackson, driving across Abilene takes forever, and it’s best to stick to whiskey when you’re in Oklahoma. I also learned that he’s not particularly fond of wearing a suit and tie.

Speaking of whiskey, I have also learned that you will not find a genie in that bottle. However, at times it is acceptable to do a little wishful drinking. I have learned that the daylight and the dark do not communicate, that it’s entirely possible to cry pretty, sometimes the best conversations are those with the ghost of a legend, although he’s a God-fearing man; he’s certainly no angel, and he prefers the company of empty poets, silver tongues, gypsies, and fools over liars.

As I continue listening, I learn that we never stop learning and the most important lessons take a lifetime to be taught. I learn that we ALL have more in common with Barabbas than we’d like to admit. I learn that Jason loves his family, is proud of and misses his grown daughter, and harmonizes very well with his amazing wife (Courtney Patton).

As I dove deeper into his music I learned that he writes/co-writes most the songs he records. Yet with his stellar delivery he is capable of making anyone’s song his own. In him I have found an AM Country Heaven in this FM Country hell.

Although there is much still to learn about Mr. Eady, I implore you to take the time to listen to his songs. Although the best words are often hard to find, Jason Eady is a lyrical genius. In my opinion, he’s one of the best songwriters of our time.