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"Some Folks Call Him Outlaw"

Outlaw may be a term that may be a bit overused. Sometimes used to describe a real bad guy, a badass, or someone on the lam. In my opinion however "outlaw" is more a state of mind. It describes one that does things on his/her own terms; refusing to bow down to the big machine.

If we're using that context of "outlaw", then I would certainly agree that Dallas Moore is definitely an "outlaw". An award winning independent artist who regularly plays 300 shows a year (both acoustic and with his rousing band). He also does most of his own booking, PR work, and press which allows him to have full control of his music.

I was blessed with the opportunity to hang out with Dallas Moore before his show last night. We talked a bit about life, his family, bourbon, and our musical heroes. He was also kind enough to oblige me some photo ops for my new personal project.

Contrary to popular belief, Country Music isn't dead! It's alive and well in folks like Dallas Moore. If y'all get a chance, be sure to check Dallas Moore out. Catch a show, buy a cd, or download his music from iTunes.